Rise Realty FAQs

100% Commission Plan:

How can Rise Realty charge such a low transaction fee? Rise Realty is a debt free real estate firm with minimal overhead. Minimizing brick and mortar office costs and operating on a disciplined budget allows Rise Realty to pass the cost savings on to it’s real estate professionals by offering an industry leading 100% commission program.

Is the transaction fee really “All-Inclusive”? Yes. All transaction costs due to the brokerage are covered by the transaction fee. This includes E&O Insurance, Tech Fees, Document Storage Fees, Etc.

Where can I find a copy of the Rise Realty 100% commission plan?  You can see a copy of the commission schedule by clicking HERE.rise realty faqs



In-House Services:

Does Rise Realty require it’s agents to use an in-house escrow? No. Rise Realty has made the commitment of being a true “consumers choice” real estate company. Rise Realty professionals are never asked, nor pressured to use any in-house services.

Does Rise Realty have an in-house lender or mortgage division? No. While Rise Realty works with many trusted lenders, we do not partake in MSA’s nor do we have a mortgage division.

Can I continue to use the services of business relationships I have worked to develop? Yes. We understand that the network and business relationships of our real estate professionals contribute to their success and continued growth.rise realty faqs




E&O Coverage:

What is the limit of liability? Limit of liability is up to $1,000,000 aggregate with just a $2,500 deductible. Our premium E&O Insurance also offers an opportunity for up to $2,500 in deductible reduction.

Is raw land covered? Yes. The listing or sale of raw, vacant, or partially developed land is covered.

Can I buy and sell my own properties and still receive E&O coverage? Yes. A few simple guidelines must be met and the broker must be notified prior to commencing the transaction.

Are 1-4 unit properties covered? Yes. You may sell 1-4 unit residential properties and be covered by our policy.rise realty faqs




Commission Payments:

How do I get paid? All commission payments are sent via Direct Pay. Banking information is required so that we can link accounts to pay via Direct Pay. Rise Realty does not issue paper checks.

How long does it take to receive my commission payment? Commission payments are paid within 48 “business” hours from receipt of the closing package.

Can I get paid directly from escrow? Yes, however it is at the brokers discretion. Transaction files must be complete and the escrow company must have a good track record with Rise Realty for timely disbursements.

Can Rise Realty pay my corporation or LLC? Yes. Additional information is required.rise realty faqs



Online Marketing Tools:

Does Rise Realty offer free websites for it’s agents? No. However NAR recently struck a deal with Placester.com to offer free websites to all NAR members. Visit Placester.com to get it if you’re needing a free website. Rise Realty DOES offer a robust Online marketing package for $35 per month which includes unlimited websites for all your Online marketing needs.

What else does the Rise Realty Marketing package include? The list is pretty long. Please CLICK HERE to view the full list of Online marketing tools.

Can someone help me with my Online Marketing? Yes. Rise Realty has Online Marketing tips and training materials in our Online Office. One on one coaching is also available.rise realty faqs



Business Cards and Yard Signs:

Can I design my own business cards and yard signs? Yes, so long as CalBRE guidelines are followed.

Does Rise Realty have design templates ready to go? Yes. All templates are located in our Online Office.

I’m not good at designing, can Rise Realty help me? Yes. We can assist with most design requests and can also have your cards and signs completed and shipped to you.rise realty faqs




Transaction Management:

How do I turn in my transaction documents to the broker? All transaction documents are turned in through our Online Transaction Management system.

I’ve never worked with an Online Transaction Management System, is it easy to learn? Absolutely! The Online Transaction Management system can be learned in just minutes. It’s so easy that most agents don’t even need training or a tutorial for their first transaction. Get an overview HERE.

Are there Transaction Checklists provided? Yes. Detailed checklist are added to every transaction to keep you on track and in compliance.

rise realty faqs