Rise Realty Benefits

All-inclusive commission structure. At Rise Realty, our real estate professionals enjoy a secured commission structure. There are no cap requirements or yearly commission resets. Our  real estate professionals pay just one small, all-inclusive transaction fee per side. There are no monthly office dues, pass through brokerage fees, or other hidden brokerage costs.

Premium E&O Insurance coverage is included. Our all-inclusive transaction fee includes payment for premium E&O coverage on every transaction. Limit of liability is up to $1,000,000 with just a $2,500 deductible. Our premium E&O Insurance also offers an opportunity for up to $2,500 in deductible reduction. 

100% paperless transaction management. Transaction management is a snap at Rise Realty! Our real estate professionals can access their deals anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, from any laptop or tablet computer. The Online transaction management system is so easy to use it can be learned in minutes (not days or weeks). 

Available all-in-one marketing system. Are you spending more than $35 per month for a personal website? What about for a CRM system? How much are you paying for single property websites, text marketing capabilities, virtual tours, etc.?

If you could have all of these marketing necessities plus more for just $35 per month, how much money would you save just in marketing costs and personal branding? View all the available tools in our all-in-one marketing system.

Agent name branding. Building a brand name is crucial to the success of any professional practice or business. Following the guidelines set forth by CalBRE, Rise Realty allows for agent name branding.

Real estate team structures. Real estate teams are more popular than ever and show no signs of fading away. Our all-inclusive commission plan is designed to help real estate team leaders simplify their teams pay structure and enable them to more easily control their budgets.

Our paperless Online transaction system promotes transparency and accountability. The system is easy to use and can be accessed  hours 24 per day

Buy and sell your own properties. A perk offered by few real estate firms. Rise Realty agents are permitted to list and buy personal properties and still be covered by E&O insurance. There are no extra fees for personal transactions.

Direct pay of all commissions. Keeping true to being 100% paperless, Rise Realty pays all commissions via direct pay. No more waiting for checks to clear or checking in at the office to see if your check is ready. We promptly notify our real estate professionals when closing packages are received and when commission payments are deposited into their account.

Online office intranet system. We house all of our marketing materials, training modules, new agent tools, and every day transactional resources and needs in our easy to use Online office. The Rise Realty Online office is easy to use and easy to access from your mobile device or PC. Best of all, there are no additional usernames or passwords to ever have to remember! 

rise realty benefits