FAA releases new regulations that apply to Agents using Drones for real estate marketing

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drones for real estateWe can all agree that using Drones for real estate marketing is an impressive service to our clients and gives our listings a competitive edge in the marketplace. What better way to showcase a listings amazing view or neighborhood location than a fly over from a Drone right?

Due to FAA regulations, NAR released a statement last year saying members should not use drones for real estate marketing purposes or even hire companies to do so. Even though NAR had advised against the use of Drones for real estate marketing, it’s pretty obvious that many real estate professionals feel the benefits out weigh the risks. NAR has been working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration and others to advance a responsible approach to commercial drone use.

Drones are expected to be hot sellers this holiday season and they are on the top of many real estate professionals “wish list”. If you’re looking to buy a Drones for real estate marketing or already own one, it now looks as if owners will have to register with the federal government and have the information placed in a national database.

The proposed regulations were outlined in a report recently released by the Federal Aviation Administration. A task force said that in addition to being entered in a federal database, drone owners should display a government-issued registration number on the machines. The rules would apply to drones weighing half a pound to 55 pounds.

The task force wrote that the goal of the registration process was to “ensure accountability by creating a traceable link between aircraft and owner, and to encourage the maximum levels of regulatory compliance by making the registration process as simple as possible.”

You can bet that with these new regulations coming into play, that there will most likely be an influx of Drone registration companies and possibly even various Drone registration scams. The Federal Aviation Administration said that drone owners should “think twice” before using a registration company, since the process will be no more difficult than registering any other product.