Can real estate agents work from home and be successful

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The great debate. Can real estate agents work from home and be successful?

The trend of companies that are embracing the concept of allowing their employees to work from home, even if it’s just a couple days a week, is growing each year.

According to a recent article from Entrepreneur , many companies believe that telecommuting saves money in multiple ways. Aside from the obvious cost savings from lower overhead, many see an increase in productivity, fewer sick days, and higher retention rates.

The real estate industry is no stranger to the “telecommuting” shift. Today, more and more real estate agents work from home due to the ease of online access to transactional forms and tools, the ability to work mobily from a smartphone or tablet, and the low cost of having an efficient home office set up.

Some real estate agents say they’re most productive in an office environment and believe that buyers and sellers may perceive that agents who work out of real estate offices as more “professional” than those who do not. They prefer to use an opulent office to impress a client. There are also agents who do not have a place to work at home and need a place to go to work. They may live in smaller condos or have young children at home. For them a real estate office is where they are the most productive.

Other real estate agents say the office environment produces too many distractions from other real estate agents and office drama. They spend the majority of their day out in public making connections, attending networking groups, holding open houses, or even knocking doors. They prefer a more personalized approach to servicing clients by meeting over lunch or coffee or even meeting at the clients work place or home due to busy schedules.

Regardless of your preference of work environment, what we can accomplish in a days work should be the focus, rather than where it is being accomplished.

One of the biggest benefits to working with an Online Brokerage is the great commission split. Online Brokerages typically have very low overhead and thus pass the saving on to their real estate agents in the form of offering a generous commission program.

real estate agents work from homeAnother benefit that most real estate agents see when they start working for an Online Brokerage is how streamlined their business becomes. Document processing becomes easier and less time consuming as it’s all done Online. Response times and communication with the Broker or Office Manager is typically faster and available in multiple forms such as text or through various Social Media. Getting paid post closing in most cases is also much faster as many Online Brokerages use some sort of direct deposit system.

Some work from home real estate agents still want to have a place to take the occasional client for a private meeting or presentations. These agents typically rent executive office space, join a collaborative, or even a Business Center such as Regus where they can have access to a reception area and meeting room for a very small monthly fee, less than $100 in most cases.

So can real estate agents work from home and be successful? We think yes!

When you streamline these areas of your business it leaves more time for Online marketing and spending time in community… where all the business is!